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The Murdoch mysteries is a unique Canadian detective drama is set in Toronto, Ontario. In the 1890s and centers on a police detective named William Murdoch who is portrayed by Yannick Bisson (nothing too good for a cowboy). What makes this particular detective drama so unique and intriguing is not just the setting but also detective Murdoch himself Detective Murdoch is very scientifically minded and is always looking at the scene of the crime with an entirely unique perspective that often rubs his superiors and fellow police constables the wrong way. He places great emphasis on scientific procedures such as finger marks (fingerprints) or forensic analysis, which he gets assistance with from the help of Dr. Julia Ogden (Helene Joy), who is also very scientifically minded, as well as progressive Detective Murdoch also has a partner in Constable Crabtree (Jonny Harris), who is detective Murdoch's prot

Acorn Media
12 Seasons, 212 Episodes
January 24, 2008
Cast: Yannick Bisson, Thomas Craig, Helene Joy, Jonny Harris
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Murdoch Mysteries Full Episode Guide

  • Murdoch and Julia travel to Victoria, British Columbia, to spend Christmas with Murdoch's brother, but instead of a relaxing holiday, they end up investigating a murder at an archaeological site. Mrs. Brackenreid urges her husband to invest in a money-making scheme run by a man named Ponzi.

  • While Murdoch helps a man searching for his missing wife, Crabtree considers his own relationship.

  • When Nate Desmond, Miss James's sweetheart, is charged with murder, the team must band together to help save him from the noose.

  • A young boy claims to have seen a winged knight on horseback kill a man with a lance. When the victim is identified as a Russian chess master, Murdoch sends Crabtree, aided by Nina, to infiltrate a chess tournament.

  • After a night out with President Theodore Roosevelt, Murdoch and Julia are summoned by Terrence Meyers to help solve the murder of a Spanish intelligence agent who was electrocuted in a locked room. Meyers suspects a legendary assassin called El Noche.

  • Margaret and Crabtree participate in a cooking competition sponsored by a canned beef company, but the insult-hurling judge is poisoned. Crabtree fears for his life when he thinks he consumed tainted meat.

  • Julia begrudgingly attends church with Murdoch, but they both receive a shock when a newly unveiled statue of the Virgin Mary appears to weep blood. The clergy believe it to be a miracle and try to stop Murdoch from investigating.

  • While investigating the violent death of a cricket player, Murdoch and Brackenreid encounter unsportsmanlike behaviour.

  • Murdoch investigates a death which may have been caused by a high-speed travel device.

  • When two obituaries are published before two men's deaths, Murdoch must work to keep them, as well as others, alive before their predicted demise.

  • Brackenreid begins painting again and gets the attention of a wealthy patron while investigating an artist's murder.

  • Murdoch investigates a car accident and uncovers sinister motives.

  • In an attempt to solve a murder, Crabtree and Constable Brackenreid go under cover at a boys school.

  • Murdoch suspects that a sequential killer is behind a number of murders staged to look like suicides.

  • Murdoch investigates a surgeon performing cutting-edge organ transplants.

  • A recording device made by Alexander Graham Bell assists in the investigation of a murder at a dinner honoring Helen Keller.

  • Murdoch and Watts discover fraud after a wine connoisseur is poisoned.

  • A jailed Murdoch must prove his innocence amid police and government corruption after the constables are ambushed, Ogden is kidnapped, and Brackenreid goes missing.

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