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Little People, Big World aired for six seasons on the TLC network. The show followed the adventures of the Roloff Family and focused on the families every day lives. Little People, Big World was different from many other reality shows that came before it because the stars of the show Matt and Amy, along with one of their children, Zach, were little people. In addition to starring Matt, Amy and Zach Little People, Big World also showed the lives of Matt and Amy's average size children Jeremy, Molly and Jacob. One of the main lessons Amy and Matt tried to teach people with their show was that little people can do everything that average size people can do, just in a different way.

Little People, Big World, for the most part, was filmed on the Roloff's 36 acre farm in Oregon. A big focus of the show involving the farm was the number of renovations Matt did to the property during the show's run on TLC. Matt and his family redid the main house to make it more accessible and they also did a number of improvements to the farm grounds. Matt had big plans for his property and added things like a western town, castle and pumpkin patch in order to turn the area in to a family fun destination.

The main subject of Little People, Big World though was always how Matt, Amy and Zach navigated a world that wasn't made for little people. The show looked at everything from how Amy was able to do her grocery shopping unassisted, to how Matt functioned in an averaged sized people work environment. Little People, Big World also showcased how normal Zach's life was. Zach was able to play school sports, just like his twin brother Jeremy, as well as find a job and girlfriend after graduating from high school.

While the main tone of the show was generally upbeat and lighthearted, Little People, Big World also never shied away from more serious issues like a farm accident involving Jacob and the death of the families dear friend Mike.

Tuesday 8:00 PM et/pt on TLC
19 Seasons, 304 Episodes
December 6, 2010
Cast: Matthew Roloff, Amy Roloff, Jeremy Roloff, Molly Roloff
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Little People, Big World Full Episode Guide

  • Jeremy and Zach juggle their duties as fathers with their farm responsibilities; and tensions rise when Amy must negotiate selling her baked goods at the farm.

  • New parents Jeremy and Audrey are faced with very unexpected and emotional challenges. Meanwhile, when Zach and Tori struggle to sleep train Jackson, Matt gets to work on a fun solution; and Amy's birthday is coming up, but little does she know what's in store.

  • Audrey's due date passes, so she and Jeremy must play a stressful waiting game; Amy and Chris return from their trip and attend a launch party for Matt's children's book that he dedicates to Zach and Tori's son. Later, the family gets news about Baby Roloff No. 2.

  • Now that Jeremy and Audrey's daughter could be born any day, Amy grapples with her decision to travel with Chris and risk missing the birth. Meanwhile, Zach and Tori embark on their first family trip together; and Matt gets serious about possibly moving away from the farm.

  • Jeremy and Audrey feel overwhelmed now that their daughter is due in less than two weeks; Zach wants to remind Tori how very important she is to him; Matt and Caryn head to the beach to relax; Amy and Chris celebrate one year together by taking a wild plunge.

  • Amy is determined to balance her family life with her personal life as she throws Audrey a baby shower, and also hosts a birthday party for Chris. Meanwhile, Tori is nervous to parent alone when Zach has to travel; and Jeremy's nearly out of time to finish his home repairs.

  • In the season premiere, Zach and Tori navigate life as new parents to Jackson; and Jeremy works hard to finish home renovations before Audrey gives birth. Meanwhile, Tori plans a Father's Day party for all the Roloff dads; and Amy celebrates Zach's first Father's Day in her own way.

  • The countdown begins for the birth of Zach & Tori's baby boy! Jeremy and Audrey are stressed but excited to finish their big Portland move. While Amy and Matt's separate romances continue to grow, they are hopeful to be civil and fun co-grandparents.

  • With less than two weeks to go before their baby is born, Zach and Tori schedule the C-section, but the baby could come at any moment; Zach's recent health episodes place added concern on the soon-to-be parents.

  • Tori may need a C-section despite her and Zach's worst fears; Jeremy and Audrey try to finalize their dream home's purchase; Amy and Matt prepare to become grandparents in their own special ways.

  • On the eve of their baby shower, Tori and Zach find out whether their son has dwarfism; Jeremy and Audrey face a new hurdle after finding their dream home; Matt helps with the nursery; Amy and Chris have a serious talk about their size difference.

  • Jeremy and Audrey want a low-key gender reveal party, but family tensions may interfere. Zach's serious illness hits home all the hardships his child may face in the future. Amy pursues a different business venture, and Matt tackles a BIG project.

  • Zach and Tori's vision of their family is forever changed by sudden tragedy and unexpected news; Jeremy and Audrey decide where they want to raise their family; Amy is excited to take her first step toward financial independence from the farm.

  • Amy struggles to define her relationship with Chris after 6 months together; Zach realizes he needs a new job to support his family, but he's skeptical when Matt offers a solution; Jeremy and Audrey are running out of time to make a big decision.

  • Jeremy and Audrey surprise the family with big news; to escape home nesting renovations, Zach and Tori leave town for a weekend; Amy and Chris face a potential bump in their relationship during a getaway; Matt and Caryn balance dating and work.

  • The family gathers to learn the gender of Zach and Tori's baby; both Matt and Amy navigate romantic relationships post-divorce; while Jeremy and Audrey ponder where to put down roots.

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