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Greenleaf is a television show takes its viewers into the twisted lives of a family at the center of a Memphis megachurch. A classic family drama, Greenleaf quickly develops strong characters who have weaved an intricate web of scandal. Despite leading a large congregation, the family excels at hiding secrets, harboring rivalries, and possibly engaging in even more sinister activities.

The show begins when one of the patriarch's daughters returns to Memphis after the death of her sister. She encounters a volatile mix of familial love and suspicion and, despite having built a lucrative life outside the South, decides to become a pastor in the family business.

More than simply attending to the spiritual needs of her flock, she begins to discover the scandalous details that animate the family. For viewers, it is these details that make the series interesting and engaging.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on OWN
2 Seasons, 29 Episodes
June 21, 2016
Cast: Merle Dandridge, Kim Hawthorne, Desiree Ross, Lamman Rucker
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Greenleaf Full Episode Guide

  • In the Season 2 finale, the tensions in Zora and Isaiah's relationship come to a head at the cotillion. In other events, Lady Mae makes an overture of peace to Mavis, and the result is a revelation that sends Mae into a tailspin.

  • Charity's plan hits a roadblock; Skip Leonard offers Jacob an enticing deal; and Lady Mae suddenly finds herself at odds with the Bishop.

  • Lionel returns and drops a bombshell on Bishop and Lady Mae; Charity receives great news from Jabari; and Jacob encounters resistance on his first day as head of Triumph.

  • A series of recurring nightmares leaves Grace unnerved; Charity looks to take her relationship with Jabari to the next level; and Bishop gives Basie an ultimatum.

  • Basie's sermon regarding inclusivity in the church goes viral, lighting a fire under Grace and provoking the Bishop's suspicions. In other events, Kerissa pushes Jacob to get a day job.

  • When Sophia and Zora are excluded from the upcoming debutante cotillion, Lady Mae sets out to make things right; Grace is inspired by Basie's sermon; and Charity reaches out to Carlton.

  • Jacob and Kerissa establish their new ministry; Charity desperately tries to reach Kevin; and Darius gets an offer that may take him out of Memphis, leaving Grace to wonder where she fits in his life.

  • In the Season 2 midseason premiere, Grace and Mac's showdown sends shockwaves through the family; Jacob offers the Bishop an olive branch; and Kevin makes a decision that leaves Charity reeling.

  • In the Season 2 midseason finale, Jacob makes Triumph pastor Basie Skanks an offer to clear his debt and gain full control of Triumph II; and Mac receives bad news from Skip Leonard that puts him in an explosive collision course with Grace.

  • The anniversary of Faith's death is at hand and Grace shows no sign of giving up her pursuit of Mac. Basie and Jacob, meanwhile, receive bad news regarding Triumph Two's finances.

  • Kevin and Charity begin divorce proceedings, but the situation worsens when Lady Mae learns the truth about Kevin; and Grace and Darius's relationship is at a deadlock.

  • When Basie learns of the injunction filed to halt construction of Triumph Two, he stages a sit-in at Calvary in a power play move.Meanwhile, Grace's plan to put Mac away goes awry.

  • Bishop and Lady Mae are in charge of Calvary's Fall Revival, and decide to take action against Basie; Lady Mae and Grace connect with their past; and Grace confronts Mac's new girlfriend.

  • After one of Mac's victims attempts suicide, Grace makes an impulsive decision that could have permanent consequences; Kevin's mother visits, exposing old wounds; Lady Mae tries to make Jacob see reason.

  • Grace and Charity disapprove of Lady Mae's reaction to demands from the Deacon Board; the Bishop visits his father-in-law and runs into Mac; Kerissa and Jacob prepare to move out; Grace goes out with Darius Nash, a journalist following Calvary.

  • The Greenleaf family struggles in the aftermath of Mac's release; Lady Mae makes a last-ditch attempt to save the Bishop; Basie's announcement opens a rift between the Bishop and Jacob.

  • In the first season finale, Deacon Sykes becomes unsure about Lady Mae preaching at the "women's day" event; Basie wants Jacob to run Triumph's new community center; and Lady Mae questions Mavis.

  • Grace, Ray and Sophia go to court; Basie, the Bishop and Jacob consider an opportunity at Triumph; Deacon Sykes hopes to organize a "women's day" at a smaller venue.

  • Grace foils Mac's attempt to blackmail the Bishop, and deals with Sophia's father, Ray, who doubts her parenting. Meanwhile, Charity, who's tired of being disrespected, finally speaks up.

  • After the church shooting, an intense debate ensues over security at Calvary; Charity confronts Kevin; and Mac plans to leave the country.

  • Despite public opposition, Grace seeks help form Officer Nelson; Noah dodges Lady Mae's questions; Lady Mae encourages the Bishop to reveal a secret.

  • Mac is scheduled to be named "Memphis Man of the Year," but first counsels Charity about the music director; assists Jacob with his TV pitch to the Bishop; and addresses his paranoia about Grace's effort to bring him to justice.

  • The Bishop appoints Grace to preach on Sunday in his absence; Jacob works to arrange a TV deal for the church; and Kevin's counsel to Charity on how to hire a new music director fails.

  • A family in the church asks for prayers; Lady Mae tries to help Bishop and Deacon Sykes reconcile; Jacob's infidelities push Kerissa to her breaking point; and Kevin takes a step toward exploring his sexuality.

  • The mayor calls in a favor that has major consequences. Grace is blackmailed about Faith's past. Charity divulges a secret.

  • Grace finds herself on an uncomfortable date. Jacob and Kerissa see their marriage for what it has become. Meanwhile, Senator Banks turns up the heat in his inquiry into the church's finances.

  • Grace moves back to Memphis under false pretenses in order to pursue the man she holds responsible for her sister's death but finds the realities of working in her family's church again harder to handle than she expected.

  • "In the season premiere, directed by executive producer Clement Virgo ("The Book of Negroes"), Grace and her teenage daughter Sophia (Desiree Ross, "Falling Skies") are warmly welcomed home by Grace's father, Bishop Greenleaf. Sparked by Grace's return to Memphis, tensions quickly rise. At a family dinner in the Greenleaf mansion, Grace's mother is cold and hostile. Her sister-in-law Kerissa (Kim Hawthorne, "Rake") questions her about her faith and sister Charity (Deborah Joy Winans, "Whitney") erupts with jealousy at the suggestion that Grace might start preaching at Calvary.

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