Going RV

"Going RV" is about couples looking to buy their very first RV or upgrade from their current RV.

Wednesdays 10:00 PM et/pt on GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY
5 Seasons, 71 Episodes
October 1, 2014
Automotive, Reality
Cast: Katy Fulkerson
Going RV

Going RV Full Episode Guide

  • The Bramer family searches for a motorhome for their family of six.

  • A Georgia couple looks for a motorhome so that they could go RV camping with their daughters.

  • An Indiana couple looks for a motohome for their family of four.

  • A New York couple is looking to upgrade their motorhome for their 10 year anniversary. With a budget of $25,000, they hope to get everything at the top of their wish list, including an outdoor kitchen and space for their dog.

  • A couple searches for a fifth wheel to accommodate their growing sons. Their wish list includes more elbowroom, a private master bedroom and a bunkhouse. Will they find all their needs within their $40,000 budget?

  • A couple searches for a luxurious class A motorhome for their sporty family's adventures. Their wish list includes a king-size bed, a bunkhouse and an engine with at least 450 horsepower. With a $255,000 budget, will they be able to find the perfect RV?

  • After adopting their three nieces and increasing their family size from seven to ten, Jason and Nikki Nakamura search for a motorhome that can accommodate their large family. At the top of their wish list is two bathrooms, a large fridge and a lot of storage.

  • TJ and his wife Alysha have decided to sell everything and move into an RV so they can spend more time with family. Although they can't agree on a floor plan, they both want a bunkhouse for their boys, two couches, a large fridge and lots of storage.

  • A New Jersey couple is looking to purchase their third RV as they transition from a travel trailer to a motorhome. On their wish list is a residential fridge, large bunks, an outdoor entertainment center and more storage.

  • Kari and her husband Jose search for their first travel trailer so that they can give their young daughter the same RV camping memories she experienced as a child. However, the two must decide between his toy hauler and her bunkhouse.

  • After a scary four-wheeler accident, a Las Vegas couple re-evaluates what they really want in their RV home life. They search for a rig with more room for their granddaughter, plenty of exterior storage space and a bigger kitchen and shower.

  • Rod and Camille want to provide their young sons with more outdoor adventures, so they are looking for their very first RV to take on camping trips.

  • Caitlin and Sam swap out hotel rooms for a well-equipped RV.

  • A couple hopes to find the perfect RV that will help them achieve their goal of visiting all 50 states.

  • A fun-loving couple tries to compromise on an RV upgrade that will cater to his rugged camping style and her glamorous camping style.

  • After a recent health scare, a couple decides to make new priorities that include having fun and making memories while taking family trips in an RV.

  • A Texas couple wants to spend more quality time with their daughters while easing them into outdoor adventures in an RV; a lightweight, easy-to-tow travel trailer.

  • A Nevada couple decides to buy an RV that will allow them to set up camp while going on ATV trips with friends; a toy hauler with dry camping capabilities, an open floor plan and an ATV garage.

  • A family of four, always on the go in their travel trailer, decide to upgrade to a newer, drivable RV with a bunkhouse for the kids, a roomy kitchen, easy maneuverability and plenty of sleeping space.

  • A couple goes on the lookout for a motor home to take on new adventures and enjoy the perks of retirement; an RV with a bath and a half, plenty of sleeping space and comfortable to drive.

  • A family of five from Washington searches for a fifth-wheel to call home while they build their dream home; the couple hopes to find an RV with an open floor plan and separate master bedroom.

  • A couple with four children looks for a motorhome that can keep up with their on-the-go lifestyle.

  • A Georgia couple that wants to continue family traditions with their children looks to upgrade to an RV that meets everyone's needs.

  • A young couple trades in their home for an RV while simultaneously growing a successful business.

  • An Atlanta family decides to try out RV living with hopes of simplifying their busy lives and spending more time with their kids.

  • Kym and Kevin are ready to make the move out of Los Angeles and are looking for a large fifth wheel to call home.

  • Veterans Jennifer and Kory are ready to hit the road and explore every corner of the United States with their family in an RV.

  • Adventure lovers Katie and Noah are shopping for a RV to take them around the United States.

  • Brian and Diane love vacationing with their family in their RV, and they're ready to invest in a larger, more comfortable unit. They're searching for a Class A motor home with a bunk area for their three kids and a spacious interior that can accommodate Brian's wheelchair.

  • Phil and Mary love being grandparents, and they're ready to take their family on the road. The couple is searching for a Class C unit that is easier to drive than other models, but they still want a comfortable ride. Their new RV must accommodate car seats and have plenty of storage for all the toys their grandkids will want to bring along on their trips.

  • Breana Evans and Robert Haley love a great adventure. They're moving from Boise, Idaho, into their RV full-time so they can live a more intrepid lifestyle. Ideally, they want a lightweight unit so they can pull it with their current truck. They also would love as many windows as possible to guarantee the ability to see all the sights around them as they travel. Which unit will they end up driving away with?

  • Travel nurse Jaci Cederberg has always loved to travel and move around, and now she wants her home to come with her everywhere. She and her best friend Amanda Brey are looking for a travel trailer that Jaci can live in full-time. Jaci needs tons of storage for her extensive wardrobe, as well as an open floor plan, but is worried about towability with her SUV. Which travel trailer will end up suiting her best?

  • Susan and Todd Cranford love the United States so much, they moved here about five years ago from Canada. They are eager to show this great country to their children and believe the best way to do that is in an RV. They know they need a lot of storage for all the kids' toys, and Susan wants a large kitchen to ensure her ability to provide meals. What kind of RV will they choose?

  • Ravyn and Jesse love spending quality time as a family and they're ready to make the leap and be able to go everywhere with each other at any time. They are searching for a unit that will fit their needs, which means an extra bedroom for their daughter and ample storage space due to living in the travel trailer full-time. Will they be able to find a travel that meets all the needs on their checklist?

  • Katy, Stephen and their two children are tired of being cooped up inside, distracted by electronics, so they're taking to the road to spend more quality time with nature and each other. After selling their home, they need to find an RV quickly. They're unsure of exactly what type of RV they want, but they definitely want an island in the kitchen, an outdoor kitchen for Stephen and beds for the girls. Will this family find their dream home on wheels?

  • Darnell and Sheila love to travel and are used to flying, but now they're looking for an RV to add comfort and ease to their travels within the continental U.S. They have a large extended family and want their grandkids to be able to travel with them, meaning they'll need a lot of sleeping space. Will they ultimately choose a smaller Class C or an all-inclusive Class A?

  • Scott and Shanna love to vacation and want to upgrade their gas model for a more fuel-efficient diesel engine.