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What's New Tonight: Monday, July 8th.

What's New Tonight: Monday, July 8th. 8:00 PM EST:

American Ninja Warrior” on NBC. Baltimore’s qualifying round. Features obstacles such as the Downhill Jump, the Prism Tilt, the Swing Jump, and the Circle Cross.

Switched at Birth” on ABCFAM. A what-if episode pondering what would have happened if Regina revealed the switch when she first learned about it. Both girls are raised by the Kennishes; Daphne has a cochlear implant and is spoiled rotten, and Bay is a top scholar who tends to overcompensate.

The Bachelorette” on ABC. Five bachelors remain. The men sail off to Madeira Island in Portugal for their one-on-one dates with Desiree. Later, some two-on-two dates involve go-karts. One man is sent home, and the final four are revealed after the rose ceremony.

9:00 PM EST:

Defiance” on Syfy. Amanda locks horns with Datak in a power struggle as the citizens of Defiance vote for their new mayor. Irisa is forced to decide whether or not to accept her destiny. Nolan is confronted by his past.

The Fosters” on ABCFAM. The Fosters invite Lexi’s conservative parents and Stef’s traditional dad over for dinner. Callie joins a therapy group aimed at foster children. Wyatt throws a massive party in his childhood home. Brandon has a piano audition.

10:00 PM EST:

“King & Maxwell” on TNT. When one of King’s colleagues’ sons ends up dead, King and Maxwell investigate it as a suicide. Things take a strange turn when they realize a killer may be targeting the family members of former Secret Service agents.

 “Teen Wolf” on MTV. Scott and the pack experience some strange happenings when they are stranded in a motel. They eventually believe one of the pack members might be the killer’s latest targets.

Under the Dome” on CBS. When the deputy goes rogue, Big Jim is forced to recruit Barbie to join in the manhunt. Junior tries to dig his way out of the dome.