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"Death walks behind. Hell waits ahead."

The Devils Rejects takes place in May of 1978, where a group of State Troopers are on the hunt for the Filrefly family, who is in charge of committing over seventy-five homicides and numerous disappearances for years. On the following day, there are dozens of police cars at the Firefly family farm. One of the family members, Tiny sees the police while he drags a body out into the woods. The family is asked to surrender or face death. The Firefly family is armed with weapons and planning on taking the police down, but some of the family members are killed off and the only survivors of this massacre is Otis, and Baby. They escape the farm with their lives. They find a nurse about to drive off in her car. Otis and Baby kill her to get to her car so that they can escape and drive toward their destination.

The two head to a motel for a place to stay and hide from the law. Baby then seduces a man named Roy, who is apart of the band called the Banjo and Sullivan group. As Baby is tempting him, Otis sneaks up from behind him and demands Roy to give up his room. Baby and Otis not only take Roy as a hostage, but they also hold up the entire band, shooting Jimmy as soon as he enters the room.

Captain Spaulding, the father of Baby heads to the hotel to see Baby and Otis. After his car is out of gas, he decides to harass and assault a woman while threatening her son, which leads to him stealing their car. While Spaulding heads to the hotel, Otis tapes Gloris, Roy's wife and requests both Adam and Roy to follow him to run an errand for him.

| 2005 | 1 hr 49 min | 6.9/10
Rob Zombie
The Devil's Rejects
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